Marie Chassot

Marketing expert and entrepreneur

After obtaining a master's degree in international relations, Marie spent the first 15 years of her career in the luxury industry, particularly in the watch and jewellery sector. She gained experience in boutique and retail management, marketing, product development and brand creation, at an international level.

Five years ago, she co-founded an eco-responsible watch brand within the Richemont group. This experience allowed her to refocus on the planet, to put herself at its service and to explore new perspectives in terms of management and governance. She broadened her vision of the role of the company within its ecosystem, and then chose to become a catalyst for the transition to a society that acts for a more responsible and sustainable economy.

Drawing on her deep knowledge of the luxury industry and its challenges, as well as her expertise in sustainable development, Marie is now dedicated to this environmental transition towards which we must all converge. Her passion for human relations and her love of the great outdoors serve as daily inspiration to make people aware of their power to act and to make the business world a positive force, leaving a better world for future generations.